Robert is a general manager from the medical products manufacturer located in California, Robert has grown by developing high-end precision machined medical products from a small tool shop with a group of experienced engineers who have been using a local fabrication shop to make each precision part, but it has become dissatisfied due to quality and delivery issues.

Robert said, PTS has been machining precision parts for us for 4 years, we heard about this from a customer and appreciate your advice, our last supplier had unacceptable delivery delays and scrap rates due to inconsistent quality, PTS, on the other hand, was quite the opposite with snappy turnaround times and a very high acceptance rate.  They are also very easy to deal with when designing new products with their doors wide open with a knowledgeable crew to help, Especially since their sales are technically transformative, which I have never encountered so smoothly and quickly.

Robert initially placed some trial orders with PTS and eventually outsourced all precision parts machining to PTS.

After few years, Robert was awarded a large contract to machine a large number of precision parts, and PTS worked with them for six months, developing a variety of machining processes for different parts and materials, resulting in the production of thousands of parts.

One of the problems that have arisen is that it is very difficult to keep the +/-0.005mm tolerance stable. Stainless steel, plastic, copper and aluminum materials require different process sequences to ensure stable tolerances, and PTS has developed different jigs and gauges to make the process from prototype to production with very stable and smooth.

To do all this, it’s not just the increased cost of equipment and labor, it’s the expertise required for the configuration and application engineering.

Robert says, “One consistent quality doesn’t mean anything, but each consistent quality saves us a lot of trouble, makes our job easier and our customers are more satisfied with us.