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Our Amazing Clients

Trusted by Engineers and Purchasing Leaders at the World’s Most Successful Companies


Injection Molding

We offer low-volume prototype injection moldings and mass production injection moldings.


Injection Mold Maker

Our injection molds last 50% longer than other molds, They can run up to 15-20 years in most cases.


CNC Machining

By Using CNC Milling and CNC Turning, We can make Your parts without geometry or materials Limits.

How to work with us

Send Your Inquiry To Us via email

To start,Simply send a 3D CAD file and write your requirements in email.

We can accepte the following file types:
●SolidWorks (.sldprt)
●ProE (.prt)
●IGES (.igs)
●STEP (.stp)
●ACIS (.sat)
●Parasolid (.x_t or .x_b)
●.stl files

Quote & Analysis Your Design

You’ll receive an quote shortly, and we’ll send you DFM analysis if necessary

Our technical manager will analysis your design and put our manufacturing suggestions, help you to develop and evaluate new products quickly, economically and with less risk, lower your overall cost.

Order Confirmation, Manufacturing Begins

We’ll start manufacturing process, We also offer assembly and surface finish

●Black Oxide
●Bead Blasting
●Zinc Plating
●Powder Coating
●Zinc Plating
●Nickel Plating
●Electroless Nickel Plating ●Other Custom Finishes

Parts are shipped!

We are fully capable of delivering products to your warehouse by sea or air.

Who We are

PTS Industrial Ltd was founded in 2002, located in Dong Guan and Shenzhen, China. PTS starts from precision plastic injection molds making, and step into plastic injection molding services, cnc machining services, After 20 years of development, now we have 4 subsidiaries.

Since 2002, PTS has been proudly providing high-quality CNC machining parts, injection molding services, and plastic injection molds to a diverse range of industries, Serving well-known companies such as HUA WEI, BMW, EPSON, etc.

PTS Industrial Ltd is your best manufacturing partner that helps you accelerate speed to market and strategically manage demand volatility across the entire product life cycle. Whether you’re looking for an OEM or ODM partner, our manufacturing services can help meet your goals.

PTS Group owns plastic injection molding company, plastic molds company and CNC machining company, You will be offered tons of all-in-one solutions to boost your business!

Why Choose Us

Our high quality services always beyond your expectations. 100% promise!

What our customer say

Manufacturers & Design Companies

  • A very competitive price to help you cut costs and increase profits or Improve your market competitiveness.
  • PTS are able to handle all details of the order on your behalf(From concept to shipping), providing high quality and fast shipping to ensure timely delivery.
  • With low MOQ, you can market test your business ideas before your final decision, also get Experience in quality, manufacturing, and services
  • PTS helps you to monitor and control your risks.


Worry about our quality? See what our clients’ happy customers said about our products/services. You will LIKE us once you started with us!

“PTS always can quickly find a solution for any complex Manufacturing situation. With their capacity, quality, and knowledge, PTS can help any company achieve its goals.”

Fan from USA, Purchasing Director

“In manufacturing, reliability is everything. That’s what we get from PTS industrial Ltd and they have also reduced our rejects by up to 90%. If all our equipment worked as well…our jobs would be easier, and our customers would be very happy”

Fren - BMW Germany , Project Manager

“We started using engineering parts around 10 years ago from PTS. We have always received excellent parts from every batch, timely replies to all our queries, and very competitive quotes and make us more competitive in the market.”

Michael from USA, General Manager

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Help & Support

We are here to help

We are not your average plastic injection molding company, We help clients from concept to production, providing CNC machining services, injection molding services,and plastic molds making, we find the best solutions for customized cnc machined parts or plastic molding parts that best fit their unique identity.

If you are looking for a Chinese plastic injection molds company or have limited experience on how to work with plastic injection molding company, PTS precision MFG may be your essential choice.

PTS is your China plastic Injection Molding Supplier, your China researching and developing team, your China Plastic injection Molding Factory.

Have a question? Great! Our quick-response client & customer support is here for you.