One-stop Manufacturing

We have been in the precision manufacturing industry since 2002, we are able to help our customers who are not familiar to outsource and control the other manufacturing process we don’t have, like stamping, casting, die casting, forging, sheet metal, etc, that facilitate less production cycle time, saving cost and reduced time-to-market on projects.

Casting process

Casting can save a lot of machining cost for big volume parts or complex parts, Our casting partner make the draft parts first, and then we do finish machining to achieve the tolerance and surface finishing, by this we can save material cost, machining cost and timing.

Casting is the manufacturing process in which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold. The basic steps involved in making castings are pattern-making, molding, melting and pouring, shakeout and cleaning, heat treating, and inspection. Precision and tolerances that can be achieved through the computerized automated design process and modern methods for producing the detailed cores and molds.  Secondary processing: additional processing may include machining, coating, etc.

No matter what casting method your project requires, our hand-in-hand partners consistently deliver high-quality cast metal parts that meet or exceed expectations.

Die Casting Process

Die casting is pressed light metal materials under high pressure in steel molds,  Generally, Aluminum, Zinc, and magnesium are the most common raw material used in the die casting process, the process is very similar to injection molding.

Die casting is used when a large number of uniform parts with a fine surface finish are to be manufactured(mass production). The die casting process makes this process extremely economical since besides the high dimensional stability of the cast part time-saving and cost-effective mass production is possible.

Depending on the material several ten thousand to one hundred thousand castings can be produced with one die casting mold.

Sheet metal and stamping

Sheet metal and stamping are a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal sheets into specific shapes, Sheet metal and stamping are a fast and cost-effective solution for large-quantity manufacturing need.

Our hand-in-hand partners are able to provide solutions on Sheet metal and stamping Part to you.

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All these hand-in-hand partners have a good business relationship with us, they are qualified and we are able to help our customers to outsource & control from concept to delivery or share these partners to our customers. 

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